Fund Series n.a Life Investment Funds stepped charging Fund,Price,Movement,Change,Change Percent,Change Date, SL Allianz Emerging Markets Equity Life Fund,238.3235,up,1.0,0.43%,20-06-2024 SL BNY Mellon Global Absolute Return Life Fund,109.7628,up,0.1,0.12%,20-06-2024 SL BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Diversified Return Life,179.0204,up,0.2,0.09%,20-06-2024 SL BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Growth Life Fund,367.5970,up,0.9,0.24%,20-06-2024 SL BNY Mellon Real Return Life Fund,116.7145,up,0.2,0.16%,20-06-2024 SL BNY Mellon UK Equity Life Fund,301.0174,up,0.5,0.16%,20-06-2024 SL Baillie Gifford American Life Fund,668.6725,up,2.4,0.35%,20-06-2024 SL Barclays Sterling Corporate Bond Life Fund,125.6312,down,-0.1,-0.08%,20-06-2024 SL BlackRock Gold & General Life Fund,89.2286,up,0.4,0.50%,20-06-2024 SL BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha Life Fund,128.1635,up,0.2,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL BlackRock UK Income Life Fund,316.2471,down,-0.3,-0.09%,20-06-2024 SL BlackRock UK Life Fund,186.0376,down,-0.1,-0.04%,20-06-2024 SL BlackRock UK Special Situations Life Fund,233.4797,down,-0.2,-0.09%,20-06-2024 SL CT American Life Fund,476.2388,up,1.2,0.25%,20-06-2024 SL CT American Select Life Fund,342.1159,up,0.9,0.25%,20-06-2024 SL CT European Life Fund,263.5361,up,1.0,0.39%,20-06-2024 SL CT Global Select Life Fund,351.7658,up,1.2,0.33%,20-06-2024 SL CT High Yield Bond Life Fund,138.5921,up,0.0,0.02%,20-06-2024 SL CT MM Lifestyle 6 Life Fund,175.3465,up,0.7,0.39%,20-06-2024 SL CT MM Navigator Distribution Life Fund,127.4623,up,0.3,0.22%,20-06-2024 SL CT Strategic Bond Life Fund,141.5134,up,0.1,0.07%,20-06-2024 SL CT UK Equity Income Life Fund,205.5348,down,-0.1,-0.05%,20-06-2024 SL CT UK Life Fund,170.1126,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity American Life Fund,369.7288,up,2.1,0.56%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity European Life Fund,276.8018,up,1.6,0.56%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity Global Special Situations Life Fund,404.8170,up,2.2,0.55%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity Multi Asset Open Growth Life Fd,159.3060,up,0.3,0.19%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity Multi Asset Open Strategic Life Fund,149.0467,up,0.2,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity Open World Life Fund,317.9186,up,0.8,0.26%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity Special Situations Life Fund,336.6173,up,0.6,0.17%,20-06-2024 SL Fidelity Sustainable Moneybuilder Income Lf Fd,131.0833,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco Corporate Bond Life Fund,159.4117,up,0.1,0.08%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco Distribution Life Fund,234.3683,up,0.3,0.14%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco Global Equity Income Life Fund,261.9606,up,1.4,0.55%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco Global Equity Life Fund,384.9988,up,1.7,0.43%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco Global Smaller Companies Life Fund,235.0169,up,1.3,0.56%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco Responsible Japanese Equity Val Disc Lf,180.1512,up,0.5,0.27%,20-06-2024 SL Invesco UK Equity High Income Life Fund,261.2557,up,0.1,0.05%,20-06-2024 SL JO Hambro UK Equity Income Life Fund,265.9517,up,0.1,0.02%,20-06-2024 SL JP Morgan Global Macro Sustainable Life Fund,104.9888,down,-0.1,-0.06%,20-06-2024 SL JP Morgan Natural Resources Life Fund,202.9877,up,2.3,1.14%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson Cautious Managed Life Fund,185.5986,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson European Mid & Large Cap LifeFd,291.1675,up,0.8,0.28%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson European Selected Opps Lf,425.9562,up,1.6,0.38%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson Fixed Interest Monthly Inc Lf,138.0514,down,0.0,0.00%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson Global Financials Life Fund,217.0910,up,0.6,0.28%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson Multi-Manager Managed Life Fund,147.9024,up,0.4,0.30%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson Sterling Bond Life Fund,119.1813,up,0.1,0.09%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson Strategic Bond Life Fund,104.6814,down,-0.1,-0.08%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson UK Alpha Life Fund,149.7282,down,-0.1,-0.07%,20-06-2024 SL Janus Henderson US Growth Life Fund,428.3747,up,1.1,0.26%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Corporate Bond 2 Life Fund,130.5796,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Corporate Bond Life Fund,141.3643,up,0.1,0.07%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter European Life Fund,544.6926,up,3.4,0.62%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Financial Opportunities Life Fund,290.1744,up,1.5,0.50%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Global Macro Bond Life Fund,104.7353,down,-0.1,-0.13%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio Life Fund,227.0509,up,0.3,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio Life Fund,237.6293,up,0.5,0.20%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio Life Fund,191.1583,up,1.4,0.75%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Merlin Monthly Income Select Life Fund,160.0276,up,0.1,0.07%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter Merlin Worldwide Portfolio Life Fund,230.9336,up,0.5,0.21%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter UK Growth Life Fund,152.2847,up,0.6,0.36%,20-06-2024 SL Jupiter UK Income Life Fund,262.0114,up,0.5,0.19%,20-06-2024 SL Liontrust Global Dividend Life Fund,297.4468,up,1.3,0.45%,20-06-2024 SL Liontrust UK Growth Life Fund,227.3150,down,-0.4,-0.19%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Corporate Bond Life Fund,150.9827,up,0.4,0.26%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Episode Allocation Life Fund,187.0571,up,0.2,0.09%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Gilt & Fixed Interest Income Life Fund,104.9821,up,0.2,0.16%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Global Dividend Life Fund,286.5424,up,0.4,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Global High Yield Bond Life Fund,157.6546,up,0.1,0.05%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Global Sustain Paris Aligned Life Fund,337.0261,up,1.0,0.30%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Global Themes Life Fund,261.5814,up,0.7,0.25%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Optimal Income Life Fund,142.1966,up,0.0,0.01%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Property Portfolio Life Fund,76.1362,down,0.0,-0.02%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Strategic Corporate Bond 2 Life Fund,113.6425,up,0.3,0.25%,20-06-2024 SL M&G Strategic Corporate Bond Life Fund,164.3487,up,0.4,0.25%,20-06-2024 SL M&G UK Inflation Linked Corporate Bond Life Fd,107.7090,down,0.0,-0.03%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One American Franchise Life Fund,382.4201,down,0.0,-0.01%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One Diversified Income Life Fund,127.3189,up,0.0,0.01%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One Emerging Markets Lcl Cury Dbt Lf Fd,101.7837,up,0.3,0.26%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One Global Income Opportunities Life Fd,134.5661,up,0.1,0.07%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One Global Strategic Equity Life Fund,268.9692,up,0.7,0.25%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One UK Smaller Companies Life Fund,313.4502,down,-1.4,-0.46%,20-06-2024 SL Ninety One UK Special Situations Life Fund,258.5880,up,0.7,0.27%,20-06-2024 SL Premier Miton Monthly Income Life Fund,191.6711,up,0.3,0.17%,20-06-2024 SL Rathbone Income Life Fund,205.6458,up,0.3,0.16%,20-06-2024 SL Rathbone UK Opportunities Life Fund,94.4437,down,-0.1,-0.14%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder Asian Income Maximiser Life Fund,171.6140,up,1.1,0.64%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder European Recovery Life Fund,184.3796,up,0.1,0.08%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder Income Maximiser Life Fund,182.7087,down,-0.1,-0.07%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder Recovery Life Fund,138.6959,down,0.0,-0.03%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder Strategic Credit Life Fund,124.1819,down,0.0,0.00%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder Tokyo Life Fund,228.1480,up,0.0,0.02%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder UK Alpha Plus 2 Life Fund,111.5208,up,0.1,0.08%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder UK Dynamic Smaller Companies Life Fund,178.5915,down,-0.8,-0.45%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder UK Mid 250 Life Fund,314.6844,up,0.1,0.02%,20-06-2024 SL Schroder UK Smaller Companies Life Fund,220.8542,up,0.6,0.27%,20-06-2024 SL Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Sust Lf,215.2342,down,-0.1,-0.03%,20-06-2024 SL UBS US Equity Life Fund,471.5071,up,2.0,0.43%,20-06-2024 SL VT Momentum Diversified Growth Life Fund,163.9664,up,0.2,0.14%,20-06-2024 SL VT Momentum Diversified Income Life Fund,136.6751,up,0.1,0.08%,20-06-2024 SL Vanguard FTSE UK All Share Index Life Fund,185.6267,up,1.2,0.66%,20-06-2024 SL Vanguard UK Government Bond Index Life Fund,83.0776,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL Vanguard UK Investment Grade Bond Index Life,110.3771,down,-0.1,-0.05%,20-06-2024 SL Vanguard UK Short-Term Inv Grade Bond Index Lf,98.7811,up,0.4,0.42%,20-06-2024 SL WS Macquarie Global Infrastructure Secs Lf Fd,221.6141,up,0.6,0.26%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Dynamic Distribution Life Fund,175.3944,up,0.3,0.17%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Emerging Markets Equity Life Fund,155.7348,up,0.5,0.30%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Emerging Markets Income Equity Lf Fd,162.5082,up,0.5,0.30%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Ethical Corporate Bond Life Fund,105.5605,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Europe ex UK Equity Life Fund,186.7404,up,1.2,0.62%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn European Corporate Bond Life Fund,109.5359,down,-0.1,-0.12%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Global Government Bond Life Fund,80.8225,up,0.0,0.05%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Global Inflation-Linked Bond Life Fund,119.1489,down,-0.2,-0.21%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Global Real Estate Life Fund,122.4918,up,0.0,0.03%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Global Real Estate Share Life Fund,98.2753,down,-0.1,-0.14%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Global Smaller Companies Life Fund,260.1929,up,1.2,0.46%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn High Yield Bond Life Fund,209.7350,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Investment Grade Corporate Bond Life Fd,138.1952,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Managed I Life Fund,122.9554,up,0.0,0.01%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Managed II Life Fund,141.3029,up,0.1,0.07%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Managed III Life Fund,170.3532,up,0.2,0.09%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Managed IV Life Fund,187.4136,up,0.3,0.15%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Managed V Life Fund,207.8963,up,0.3,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Market I Life Fund,131.0677,down,0.0,0.00%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Market II Life Fund,156.7298,up,0.1,0.05%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Market III Life Fund,182.7931,up,0.1,0.07%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Market IV Life Fund,203.5940,up,0.3,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Market V Life Fund,231.3893,up,0.4,0.17%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Multi-Manager I Life Fund,121.6931,up,0.1,0.11%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Multi-Manager II Life Fund,138.2629,up,0.2,0.13%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Multi-Manager III Life Fund,164.3253,up,0.3,0.15%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Multi-Manager IV Life Fund,185.0848,up,0.4,0.22%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn MyFolio Multi-Manager V Life Fund,200.1501,up,0.5,0.27%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn North American Small & Mid-Cap Eq Lf Fd,241.9168,up,0.7,0.29%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn Strategic Bond Life Fund,142.4978,up,0.3,0.20%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn UK Income Equity Life Fund,268.4748,up,0.6,0.21%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn UK Mid-Cap Equity Life Fund,255.9353,down,-0.9,-0.34%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn UK Real Estate Feeder Life Fund,112.2486,down,0.0,-0.01%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn UK Real Estate Share Life Fund,130.0051,down,-0.4,-0.28%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn UK Smaller Companies Life Fund,539.2973,down,-0.9,-0.17%,20-06-2024 SL abrdn UK Sustainable and Responsible Inv Eq Lf,205.8986,up,0.3,0.14%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Life Fd,418.8942,up,1.1,0.25%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Distribution Cash Life Fund,,,,, Standard Life Distribution Cash Life Fund,,,,, Standard Life Distribution Life Fund,72.5157,up,0.1,0.09%,20-06-2024 Standard Life European Equity Life Fund,381.7304,up,1.7,0.43%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Index Linked Bond Life Fund,148.6034,down,-0.3,-0.20%,20-06-2024 Standard Life International Equity Life Fund,397.9621,up,1.1,0.28%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Japanese Equity Life Fund,216.9912,down,-0.1,-0.03%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Managed Life Fund,270.7031,up,0.8,0.28%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Mixed Bond Life Fund,137.1011,up,0.1,0.06%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Money Market Life Fund,103.1997,up,0.0,0.01%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Multi Asset Mgd (20-60% Shares) Life,212.9561,up,0.7,0.33%,20-06-2024 Standard Life North American Equity Life Fund,500.3412,up,1.4,0.29%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Property Investment Life Fund,62.4062,up,0.0,0.01%,20-06-2024 Standard Life Property Life Fund,97.1451,up,0.0,0.01%,20-06-2024 Standard Life UK Equity Life Fund,259.1366,up,0.2,0.09%,20-06-2024 Standard Life UK Ethical Life Fund,347.7623,up,0.5,0.15%,20-06-2024 About these prices The price shown is the price at which units in each of the Investment Funds are both bought and sold on date shown. These prices are for information purposes only. For more information on the actual unit prices that will be used when a transaction is carried out please contact us. Your Investment The value of your investment can go down as well as up. The sterling value of overseas assets in these funds may also rise and fall as a result of exchange rate fluctuations. In exceptional circumstances a request to change funds or transfer benefits may be deferred for up to one month for investments in the investment-linked funds or six months for the Property Fund. FTSE International Limited ('FTSE') does not sponsor endorse or promote this product. All copyright in the index values and constituent list vests in FTSE. The Standard Life Assurance Company has obtained full licence from FTSE to use such copyright in the creation of this product. 'FTSE ®' is a trade mark jointly owned by the London Stock Exchange Plc and The Financial Times Limited and is used by FTSE under licence. 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